SARDA 2017 Round 2 Race report

The second round of the 2017 South-African ORE national championship moved to the Kwazulu Natal North Coast in South Africa at a newly build track Gear Raceway in Ballito. This new outdoor asphalt facility has a mixed layout with medium traction. It was the first time at the track for many of the drivers and the layout and ‘out-of-bounce’ grass took many victims during the weekend. It was evident from the start that the local driver and owner Deon Gove was the man to beat as well as Jason Hillcoat, Ashley Hurley and Hein Kotze who went to the pre-national practise weekend. Continue reading SARDA 2017 Round 2 Race report

South-African ORE national championship Rd1 – Report


The first round of the 2017 South-African ORE national championship was held at the Welkom RC Arena, host of the 2018 IFMAR ISTC 1/12th World Championships. It is fair to say that the facility has revived RC racing in South Africa and for the first time in many years there were five Touring Modified mains, a full 1/12th Modified main as well as a full main of 1/12th Stock. In Touring Modified and for the first time in many years over 46 entries ensured competitive racing and the drivers had to be at their best to qualify for the A-mains. The battle for the podium was really hot with great runs from Hein Kotze, Anderton Smith, Antonio Caroli and Ashley Hurley. After missing the first qualifying run it was Hein Kotze who put in great runs in Q2, Q3 and Q4 to secure the TQ spot. Youngster Ashley Hurley improved Alexander Hagberg’s 2016 record to 12.7s and showed that he was a force to be reckoned with by qualifying in 2nd with Antonio Caroli 3rd and Anderton Smith in 4th. Continue reading South-African ORE national championship Rd1 – Report

SARDA 2016 On-Road Electric National Championship




The 2016 season of the South African On-Road Electric National Championship is complete and Team Xray SA managed to crown 4 x SA National Champions and 4 x vice champions.


(f.l.t.r) Jason Hillcoat (Touring Modified), Shaun Schutte (Pro-stock 13.5T), André Greeff (1/12 Mod), Pedro de Gouveia (F1)

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NT1 Wins SARDA Onroad Gas National Championship In South Africa

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RC Zone in Middelburg, Mpumalanga played a host to the 4th and final round of the SARDA Onroad Gas National Championship. It was always going to be an exciting weekend with some of the championship podium positions still up for grabs, and the imminent threat of rain throughout the weekend. Also, the participation and technical support of XRAY Factory driver, Tom Kraegefski, sparked alot of interest.


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200mm Nitro Sprints
1. Tom Kraegefski – XRAY NT1
2. Conrad Liebenberg
3. Willie du Plooy – XRAY NT1With the 2016 Sprint Championship already clinched by Conrad Liebenberg, you’d think that this would be just another runaway victory. It turned out to be quite the contrary. With Tom Kraegefski (XRAY NT1) in the field, Liebenberg would have to be at his best. They did not dissappoint and this was most certainly the highlight of the weekend. In the end, Kraegefski edged out Liebenberg to take TQ. Another dark horse this weekend was Willie du Plooy (XRAY NT1), who managed to put in some solid runs, and qualify 3rd. He also clinched 2nd in the Sprint Championship with this result.


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200mm Nitro Enduro
1. Tom Kraegefski – XRAY NT1
2. Willie du Plooy – XRAY NT1
3. Jonathan Wilken – XRAY NT1The much anticipated race lived up to its promise….for a while. Once Tom Kraegefski (XRAY NT1) managed to get into his groove, he streaked away and left everyone in his wake. Willie du Plooy (XRAY NT1) and Conrad Liebenberg had a proper fight, until they made a contact and sent Liebenberg’s crew rushing to repair a loose shock. This put Jonathan Wilken (XRAY NT1) into 3rd. Kraegefski comfortably increased his lead, while Du Plooy suffered a flame-out. This put Wilken into 2nd. Du Plooy slowly caught up, and managed to pass Wilken to take 2nd. The closest battle however, was between Wilken and Liebenberg. With Liebenberg really turning up the pace after his unfortunate incident early on. In the end, Wilken managed to hold on to 3rd place by 0,3 seconds over Lieberberg. This also gave Team XRAY their first podium lockout in recent times.


1/8 Nitro Sprints
1. Wayne Joelsen
2. Jacques Liebenberg
3. Antonio Caroli – XRAY RX8This was set to be a tightly contested affair with Wayne Joelsen, Jacques Liebenberg and Antonio Caroli (XRAY RX8) being the early front runners. Joelsen was very quick throughout the Sprints and managed to secure his 8th National Sprint title, and claim TQ for the Endurance race the following day. Liebenberg wasn’t far behind, but had to settle for 2nd place and also clinched 2nd in the Sprint Championship. Antonio Caroli suffered a little with a very nervous car, but still managed to secure 3rd place on the grid and also 3rd in the Sprint Championship.


1/8 Nitro Enduro
With the threat of overnight rain subsiding, and track conditions remaining very much the same as the day before, most of the drivers were confident with their setups and tuning. Unfortunately, Antonio Caroli (XRAY RX8) had 2 major incidents in the 10-minute warm-up prior to his race, destroying most of the car in the process. Luckily, he had a spare chassis available and with some spectacular work by his pit crew (Tom Kraegefski and Willie du Plooy), they managed to build and set up the 2nd car within 45 minutes, just in time for the start of the 45-minute race. It turned out to be the best thing that could’ve happened to him, as the car looked better than it has been the entire weekend. Not long after the start, Caroli managed to pass Liebenberg and Joelsen, and stretched away at the front. Then a tragedy struck, again. He suffered a mechanical issue while leading and was forced to stop twice while his pitcrew changed what was remaining of the gearbox. This put him right at the back of the field. Meanwhile, Liebenberg managed to pass Joelsen, and was now leading the way around. Caroli got back on track, and although he was lapping faster than the leaders, he was too far behind to stage any sort of threat to the top 3, and finished 5th. This also bumped Harold van Eeden to 3rd, having also been quick the entire weekend. In the end, Liebenberg had a comfortable victory, Joelsen 2nd, Van Eeden 3rd.

SARDA Round 5, Pretoria, 29 – 30 October 2016

3 x TQ and Win for Xray at SARDA 2016 ORE Nationals, Round 5 TRAP Pretoria,

The fifth and last round of the 2016 South-African ORE national championship returned to TRAP RC Venue in Pretoria over weekend 29 and 30 October 2016 after round 2 rained out at the same venue. Free practise was held on Thursday and Friday with a heat wave hitting the Gauteng Province. The air temperature peaked at 38⁰C and the track temperature went up to 64⁰C (147⁰F). The heat put tremendous pressure on the batteries, tyres and electronics and the drivers had to choose their setups carefully and also manage the tyres during the race.

Touring Modified

The touring modified class is still growing stronger and all the drivers need to be at their best to qualify for the A Mains. All the top drivers pushed hard during the practise rounds and during qualifying but it was Shaun Schutte who dominated the class with his Xray T4‘17 during practise and qualifying to take TQ. There was a great battle between current champion Jason Hillcoat, Anderton Smith, Antonio Caroli and Ashley Hurley for the remaining grid positions. Anderton managed to take 2nd after a good Q3 and Q4 with Antonio starting 3rd in the A Mains. During A1 and A2 final Shaun Schutte continued his event domination and took wins in both the finals. The battle for the podium was really hot with great runs from Anderton Smith, Antonio Caroli, Hein Kotze, Jason Hillcoat, Ashley Hurley and Alex Ribeiro. It was Antonio Caroli who eventually achieved 2nd place with Hein Kotze completing the podium.

The final results for the Modified Touring A-Main:

1st           Shaun Schutte (TQ) (Xray)

2nd          Antonio Caroli (Xray)

3nd          Hein Kotze (Xray)

4th           Jason Hillcoat (Xray)

5th           Anderton Smith (Xray)

6th           Alex Ribeiro (Team Magic)

7th           Juan Landman (Xray)

8th           Ashley Hurley (Xray)

9th           Willem Janse van Rensburg (VBC Racing)

10th         Pedro de Gouveia (Xray)

The results for the Modified Touring B-Main:

1st           André Greeff (Xray)

2nd          Willie Noordman (Xray)

3nd          Charles Hollander (Xray)


The results for the Modified Touring C-Main:

1st           John Fitzimmons (Xray)

2nd          Chris Reilly (Xray)

Pro-Stock 13.5T Touring (Blinky)

The Pro-stock class was a competitive affair with Xray drivers Shaun Schutte and Deon Gove on the same points for the national championship. Shaun Schutte continued his great form and achieved TQ in the pro-stock class with his rival and team mate Deon Gove starting second on the grid. In A1 Shaun took an early lead and was commanding the race until an unfortunate incident with a back marker dropped him to third. Deon Gove and Jonathan Wilken had a great battle and Johnathan managed the win in A1. In A2 and A3 Shaun made no mistakes and took great wins to ensure the overall win and championship.

The final results for the Pro-stock 13.5T Touring A-Main:

1st           Shaun Schutte (TQ) (Xray)

2nd          Deon Gove (Xray)

3rd           Jonathan Wilken (Xray)

4th           Hennie Viljoen (VBC Racing)

5th           Sean Vollmer (VBC Racing)

6th           Danie Botha (Xray)

7th           John Steyn

8th           John Fitzimmons (Xray)

9th           Juan Wessels (Associated)

10th         Paul van der Westhuizen (Team Magic)


The results for the Pro-Stock 13.5T Touring B-Main:

1st           Michael Rabe (Xray)

2nd          Chris Reilly (Xray)

3rd           Christopher Dolphin (Xray)


The results for the Pro-Stock 13.5T Touring C-Main:

1st           Yashin Rhamdin (VBC Racing)

2nd          Adrian Botha (Xray)


Formula 1 – 21.5T

It was the consistent fast drivers Jonathan Wilken, Pedro de Gouveia and Tyronne Wilken who showed great pace from the start and dominated the event. There was also some great runs from new comers Pieter de Villiers and Hannes Kruger and the father-and-son due of Michael and Jared Rabe. Jonathan managed to take TQ and won final A1 and A2 and his brother Tyronne won A3. Hannes Kruger stayed consistent with a second, third and fourth place.

The final results for the Formula 1 21.5T A-Main:

1st           Jonathan Wilken (TQ) (Xray)

2nd          Tyronne Wilken (Xray)

3rd           Hannes Kruger (Xray)

4th           Pedro de Gouveia (Xray)

5th           Riaan Truscott (Xray)

6th           Michael Rabe (Xray)

7th           Pieter de Villiers (Xray)

8th           Jared Rabe (Xray)


13.5T FWD Touring

In the FWD class it was Hennie Viljoen who showed good early pace and consistency and managed to take the TQ from Paul van der Westhuizen. It was Christopher Dolphin who won A1 but Hennie bounced back with great drives to win both A2 and A3. There was a great battle for 2nd and 3rd between Christopher Dolphin, Ben Kriegler and Paul van der Westhuizen.

The final results for the 13.5 FWD Touring A Main:

1st           Hennie Viljoen (TQ) (VBC Racing)

2nd          Paul van der Westhuizen (VBC Racing)

3rd           Christopher Dolphin (TOP Racing)

4th           Ben Kriegler (Team Powers)

5th           Fanie Viljoen snr (VBC Racing)

6th           Adrian Botha (Team Powers)